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Before plugging your Roadtrek cord plug into the outlet make sure all of those circuit breakers in the campground electric box are OFF. You can buy a lock box that will prevent the theft of your portable power unit. What you need is an RV power protection device. For now, not to complicate things – you need 30 amps so use the 30 amp outlet. It is no different than having plugged into a 30 amp outlet. Before I plug into any campground outlet I do two tests of the campground outlet. Now before you plug your surge/power protector in or your Roadtrek power cord in, go inside your Roadtrek and turn on your battery switch. You could just plug your Roadtrek power cord plug into the box, but it is a good idea to have something in your electric line that will protect your RV just in case. You cannot mistake which box is the one you are supposed to plug into.

You also see that the electric box has your space number on it. At some campgrounds your box will be next to the box for the next space. Each of the outlets in the box will also have a circuit breaker above it or below it. Plug in your Roadtrek cord and THEN turn the circuit breaker for that outlet ON. If the circuit breaker is OFF then there is no power and no danger of shock from that outlet when you plug in. Before you unplug, turn the breaker OFF and then pull the plug. If the shop has a large sales floor, then there are more options to choose from. When you take your Roadtrek cord out of its storage cabinet outside the van and plug it in, you are going to use that mid-sized large outlet with the large three holes. All of Neffs ovens are electric and most of the Neff electric ovens fall into three categories: single ovens, double ovens and range cookers.

Both are not hard to find – the polarity tester is the easiest to find. Any electric/lighting department in a home store or even Walmart will have a polarity tester for a few dollars. You will see the power light come on but you will not have power inside your Roadtrek until you hear a click and an LED comes on to say all circuits are good and power is now flowing. Above you see the Surge Guard plugged into the power outlet of the campground and the power cord of my Roadtrek. The power protector unit is going to monitor the voltage coming out of the box. Here there is only one box. 300 plus that one of these sells for. Some prefer one over the other. I also want to be sure that the outlet is not under voltage or over voltage – both of which can damage the electric system in your Roadtrek (or any RV) if you plug into it. You can then recheck everything you have listed, look over each item and perhaps choose the one you like the best and which is most appropriate for the baby concerned. If they do not have another site then be sure that they have a maintenance person come to your power box to fix the problem.

Now – plug in your Roadtrek power plug into the surge/power protector and then plug the surge/power protector into the campground pedestal. You have plenty of power. Since we never have to look behind furniture, we don’t see all the dust and hair accumulating behind the couch or the bedroom furniture. You will see the display panel on your microwave has come on. Using skylights, large windows, lots of under-cabinet task lighting and light colors will help keep the kitchen bright with sufficient light to see what youre doing. In the thumbnail, you will see the end result after a second cleaning of the rings. For example, you can see a special rack for the Shuihi Tachi or Katana swords, popularized by the classic Chinese novels of the 14th century. If you are looking for a custom-made unique Oscommerce-based website, Website Design City can help you. You are going to ignore the 50 amp outlet and the 20 amp outlet.

This is the 20 amp outlet. There are models that can be wired permanently into your RV electric system and there are portable models that simply plug into the campground outlet and you plug your power cord into the protector outlet. I test the polarity of the outlet and the number of volts that the outlet is putting out. If your appliance only shows an amperage rating, multiply this number by 110. This gives you wattage. The reason that I do this is because sometimes a campground electric box is old, has been damaged, or has a wire come loose and the polarity (shows all wires have been connected where they should be) may be wrong. Match the lights to the pattern that shows “GOOD” on the chart and you are fine. Look carefully before you buy to ensure the pattern is the same and that the handles on all appliances match. Both do the same job. When you go inside your Roadtrek you now have 110/120 volt power in all of the electric outlets.