Perfect Time To Maintenance Your Home

Home ownership, is, both, a right, and an obligation! A smart homeowner considers how, to effectively, maintain, his house, in the best, most effective way, to minimize costs, hassles, and keep the home, well – maintained! Rather than waiting for obstacles and challenges, to become problems, the wise ones, realize and recognize, it’s a good idea, to do, regular maintenance, on a seasonal basis. After over a decade as a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York, I have attempted to simplify this process, and refer to, this approach, as the 4 Seasons, of Home Maintenance.

1. Spring: Nearly everyone has heard of Spring Cleaning, and wise owners, approach this season, as an opportunity, to address, issues, which were brought on, by winter’s weather. For example, in colder climates, houses undergo certain stresses, during winter. Front hallways, often suffer, because of the dirt, brought into the house, by bringing in the elements, such as snow, salt, etc. In addition, they clear leaves, address plantings, repair cracks on paved paths, driveways, and exterior foundation, as well as examining, whether the weight of snow and ice, have created challenges, with the gutters. Also, now that weather has warmed, it is wise, to seed lawns, and take care of all the little things, you needed warmer weather, to do!

2. Summer: Towards the end of Spring, and during the Summer, and early Fall, take care of landscaping. Do as much exterior/ outside work, when the opportunity arises, and, do so, proactively, before minor issues, become major expenses.

3. Fall: As trees begin to lose their leaves, clear them from lawns, paths, drains, gutters, etc, so as to be prepared, for more extreme weather conditions! Towards the end of the season, drain, and turn – off, exterior water sources, in – ground sprinklers, etc. Have a pre – winter, heating system, preventive maintenance, to ensure fewer heating problems, when you most need to heat, your house.

4. Winter: Thoroughly perform snow removal, and clear away, paths, pipes, etc, to ensure fewer issues and challenges. Avoid using harmful chemicals, when melting ice, etc, and there are many safe products, on the market, today. Using certain chemicals, often cracks cement, etc. Remove hanging icicles, in order to reduce the stresses and strains on your roof, and gutters. Make certain, early in the season, to minimize wasting energy, by using a setback thermostat, and doing minor efficiencies, such as door sweeps, caulking windows, insulating behind sockets, etc.

It’s wise to have a home maintenance plan. Addressing these simple steps, generally saves a lot of hassle, and money!