Guide Before Having A Home

Many consider, owning a home, of one’s own, to be a main element, in the so – called, American Dream. However, while, certainly, being a homeowner, is, for most, a desirable course and path, it is important, for potential homeowners, to proceed, with their eyes, wide – open, in order to be certain, they are ready for, and prepared, to OWN a house. Relevant considerations, often include, factors such as: financial ability; personal needs and priorities; specific area; local neighborhood; school system; convenience to transportation; safety – related issues; religious considerations (such as convenience to their desired, house of worship); shopping conveniences, etc. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, some of the factors, one should evaluate, before assuming, both the benefits, and responsibilities, of home ownership.

1. Options; opportunities; orderly process: One must make the personal decision, when owning is for them, or if, they would be, more comfortable, renting. There are options, to consider, such as one’s personal comfort zone, whether they are comfortable taking – on, the associated responsibilities, financial, and one’s personal comfort zone, etc. Is having their own place, focused on the best personal opportunities, but, more dream, than need? There is a necessary, orderly process, involved, with the responsibility, and, thus, each individual must/ should, consider, whether they are ready, willing, and/ or able, to do, what’s best, for them!

2. Where; why; when: When is the right time, to buy a house? While this is an individual decision, the smartest approach, is to balance financial/ fiscal abilities, including tax considerations, etc, with the preparedness, to assume the necessities! Why do you want to purchase a specific property, as opposed to another? Is it needs – oriented, affordable, and will you be happy, living there? Where would you want to reside? Will you take fully into consideration, your family needs, goals, priorities, finances, and personal comfort zone?

3. Needs; nuances; neighbors: What is best, for your personal needs, goals, and future considerations? Each of us, have specific needs, and orientations, and, thus, a future homeowner, should look at the specific niche, and nuances, needed and necessary. Look around the neighborhood, and speak to the neighbors, to ensure it’s somewhere, you’d like to live.

Are you ready, and fully prepared, to OWN a home, of your own? Will you take the time, to, introspectively, objectively, give yourself, a check – up, from the neck – up?